Electric mobility will not be new, nevertheless, it has only not too long ago turn into increasingly well-liked during the media. In order to introduce foreseeable future users, i.e. people, to this topic and to stay away from prejudice and rejection, the best information is usually a standard need for acceptance. E-mobility isn’t rocket science ….  Read More

Fix and backing of strong surfaces is done with KÖSTER C-Coat. KÖSTER C-Coat is a first rate spackle for leveling and smoothing strong surfaces.


For reprofiling and strong replacement in greater locales, KÖSTER Repair Mortar R4 is applied. For a speedy setting structure, KÖSTER Repair Mortar NC can be used. The mortar is applied onto the prepared, stable substrate which ought to similarly be freed from security stifling authorities. Fortress steel must be cleaned, as disintegration security and ….  Read More

Drudge Report staff


  In 2010, Drudge included previous Washington Times writer Joseph Curl to the Drudge Report staff.[15] In 2011, he added to the staff Charles Hurt, most as of late the Washington department head of the New York Post and a journalist for The Washington Times.[2] Curl, who filled in as morning shift manager, left the ….  Read More

Origin of Silver Metal


The earliest coins in the world were minted in the kingdom of Lydia in Asia Minor around 600 BC. The coins of Lydia were made of electrum, which is a naturally occurring alloy of gold and silver, that was available within the territory of Lydia. The concept of coinage, i.e. stamped lumps of metal of ….  Read More

Rare Metal Blog: DC ‘Leak’: Catalyst for Chinese Rare Earth Supply vs. US National Security Debate


The Obama administration’s case against China’s export policies on rare earth minerals is not only about business concerns — it is about national security. I just returned home from the TREM Critical Metals Summit about Washington’s policy on rare earths and it was “leaked” that a DC report was forthcoming that would negate the need ….  Read More